Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday Art Group

The second Thursday a group of like minded women meet to make and talk about art.  One of the group comes up with a project.  The techniques are varied.  This month we made collages on recycled cigar box tops. Took provided a wide variety of paints, pens, markers, and books and magazines. Here are Peggy, Took, Joan, Leann, and Jane working hard on their creations.

 At some point someone mentioned that the next day was Valentine's Day and Joan said she was going to make a Valentine for Andy. Using some risque text from a novel covered with a wash of color and shapes from magazines she created a lovely Valentine.

Unfortunately Peggy's piece is difficult to see in the photo, but it was pure Peggy, bold and abstract with a palette that she often uses in her art. 

Took had a wonderful book of photographs of animals of the world, and I really wanted to hide it in my coat, I resisted that urge and removed two pages -- on of an orangutan and one of a mother and baby gorilla.  After some experimentation I realized that the shape and color of the orangutan photo wasn't working with my chosen palette of phalo blue and light green, so used the gorillas and made a Valentine for my sweetie.  Certainly not hearts and flowers,  but I like it.

Leann left her piece with Took, who I believe is planning to deface it, oops, I mean enhance it with her unique voice, which can be seen in her two pieces below Leann's

Jane also tore pages out that fore mentioned animal tome and created a collage with an eagle on the back of a turtle/tortoise.


Took commented that while we were all using the same materials, our styles were very apparent, and it's true whatever our project we all have a style that is easily recognized by the others.

Whatever the focus, we always have a great time making art without feeling any pressure to make masterpieces.

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