Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunrise and Moonrise

These pieces were made for the members show at the Northville Art House The paint colors were applied to a Gelli Arts printing plate.  The background colors and the shapes of the sun and the moon were applied at one time.  The fabric was placed on the plate and rubbed to transfer the paint to the fabric.  Once dried, additional sunrise colors were applied randomly to the plate and the fabric with the sun image was again placed image side down on the plate and rubbed to transfer the color.  The same process was used to create the moon.  A plastic ball with studs on it was rolled in paint and rolled over the grey evening sky to simulate stars. Then a little more yellow was applied directly to the fabric to lighten the moon.  An image of trees in winter was printed over the sun and the moon using a thermfax screen made with one of my photographs.

Before being mounted on the canvas, they were fused to felt and trimmed to fit the canvas, which had the sides painted in colors coordinating with the backgrounds of the prints.

Due to space limitations only sunrise shown mounted on canvas below was hung in the show at the Northville Art House 

 This is a fantastic felt piece by Jan Waller.

This one is by Peggy Kerwan.

I do not know the artists of the ones below, but in addition to the two above these were among my favorites at the show.  The bargello art quilt is quite impressive. The two following are mixed media pieces which caught my fancy.

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