Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014


Meet my new studio assistant.
He just turned 7 in January. After his previous owner died, he was taken in by New Beginnings Animal Rescue. His description said that he was good with children, o.ther cats, and dogs.  Perfect, so off I went to visit him at their adoption day at a local pet store.  Atticus went with me and while he had not interest in the cats -- the treats in the open boxes were much more interesting -- not one of them was too happy about Atticus.  I decided that I would go to the shelter on Wednesday when they would be open.  I met several other cats --  I wanted one at least 7 or so.  I liked Fuji, a male Siamese, but he had never been around dogs nor had his sister.  Actually, this boy was the only one who had dog experience.  He wasn't super friendly but he did circle me, rubbing my legs all the way around.  It was this behavior which prompted the rescue to name him Saturn.  Unfortunately for him, that name just didn't resonate with me and so with the advice of my granddaughter I have renamed him Scout, keeping up with the theme already started with Atticus. He is declawed and that it good for Atticus because greyhounds have think skin and if they get cuts often need stitches. I have never had a cat without claws, it is not something I would ever do and it is interesting and sad to see him trying to sharpen his non-existent claws.

When I first brought him home, I confined him to two rooms, including the one with the litter box. When I went to look for him I couldn't find him, and the I realized like some cats before him he had jumped up to the half door to the basement.  Don't know where he went, he finally came out, rolled in the catnip and then ate some food.  Fortunately he stayed out of the basement overnight. Unlike his predecessors, he is not able to make the jump out of the basement.

This morning he ate and then over the door he went.  He wanted no part of Atticus's excitment over food.  I dropped Atticus off at daycare and when I came back, no cat to be found.  I thought that he would be sitting on the steps meowing to come out, but no.  I opened the door, called him, but no cat.  He finally reappeared and has been wondering around getting the lay of the land.  I am hoping that he will eventually realize that Atticus cannot get up the stairs and will use the second floor as a refuge instead of the basement.

Based on the photo below I would say that all will be okay. May take awhile, but I think that we will all be okay. As I write this he has come to visit and jumped up on my lap.