Friday, January 24, 2014

DeColourant and Discharge

Janet Pray of Islander Sewing Systems conducted a day and a half workshop at the January meeting of NTGM
The piece she is holding was one that was discharged with bleach and then dyed.

After providing the participants basic information on discharging with bleach and using the DeColourant products. With a single application DeColourant products remove color from fabric and then add a new color.  Some also worked with bleach and/or bleach pens to remove color from the fabric, taking them home to wash hem.  On the second day we continued to experiment with various, stencils, screens and stamps to create designs.Some used painters tape to create grids on their yardage.  I spent the time playing with small pieces; however, some brave souls plunged right in and worked on large pieces with the possibility of using the fabric to make a jacket.

This is one of my small pieces made using a stencil of calla lilies and stems using fushia and emerald green Decolourant on navy blue. Not sure what I will do with it, but,  with a 2-3 inch border of coordinating fabric, it has potential to be an exquisite pillow.

 These were created using bleach to remove color from the fabric.

The creator of this piece used painters tape to create the grid and then bleach was spritzed all over the fabric creating the background.  After washing and ironing, the allover design was printed using a screen and one of the Decolorant products. Unfortunately I didn't record which DeColourant product was used, although I believe it was one of the metallic colors.

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