Friday, January 13, 2012

Where have I been

It has been just a little over a year since my last blog.  I spoke with a fellow artist who assured me that when she started blogging it was a challenge to keep it up.  That is my challenge for 2012 -- to post at least once per week on Fridays. Once a month on the second Thursday a small group of us get together to make art.  We keep it uncomplicated, although not necessarily easy.  Different member of the group come up with the "art project" and we talk about art while we work.  Last night, Took was in charge of the art and we were given pencils, markers and paper and told to make marks without looking at the paper, rotating it as we did.  We were then told to look at the lines and squiggles and find images in them.  Well I discovered that I wasn't very good at doing this.  You can see what the others did on Took's blog. There is not photo of my work, but if you look carefully you can see me in the gray sweater looking perplexed.  After I have done some of these and have a measure of success I will post them here.

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Took said...

YAY, Janice!!!

So good to see that you are going to blog weekly and give the automatic drawing methods a chance -- I look forward to reading your blog and seeing some of your automatic drawing results!