Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

I procrastinated for months ignoring the little blue book from the Sketchbook Project that sat on the printer table.  I was not certain where I wanted to go with the project, so I did nothing, not even some scribble in a notebook with ideas.  I am now giving the pages a wash of color and then will make decisions about what to do next.  My topic is lines and grids, so I plan to use on some of the techniques I have learned in the last few year.  I will actually draw designs with  markers, pencils, etc. As a fiber artist this will be a stretch.  I do not draw, but I will now.  I will create some temporary screens using freezer paper and print grids on some of the pages. I will glue and/or stitch paper and fabric designs on some pages.  I will stitch by hand -- something I never do unless it is a binding on a quilt. I am a machine person, but this project calls for hand work.  Pictures to follow when I begin adding the lines and grids designs to the pages.

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