Saturday, January 24, 2015

Word for the year, or at least a few weeks --- Organization

i am returning to the blog that I have been writing sporadically for the last few years.  My lack of organization has left my studio spaces -- one for fabric storage which also contains my print/dyeing table, the other with my machines and cutting table -- chaotic. It has also left me creating little.  These next few blog posts will document the conversion my the chaos to order.  I do not have any before photos, but let me say that after i finished sewing place mats for my 
December show, I had washed and ironed fabrics, unwashed fabrics, and washed but not ironed fabrics in several rooms.  With the Holidays looking me in the face, I took the fabric and I literally threw the fabric onto the print table and any other empty space, and shut the door.  

I enlisted the help of my brother-in-law's sister Michelle.  While I sorted through some of the many containers, Michelle she cleared the floor had the fabrics folded and onto the shelves. Below is one of the four bookcases.

Next she tackled the many spools of thread which I had used -- they were on the tables next to the sewing machines, in baskets, boxes, etc.  Result: thread corralled into various boxes.

Previously I had labeled my dyes and some of my fabric paints from Pro Chem and Dharma and put them into a new cabinet.  However I have many others from Seta Color, Jacquard, Gill, Martha Stewart, etc which still need to find a new home.  I also have a number of other mediums I use on fabric and these also need a new home.  All of these will be finding a new home in the fabric/print table room.

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