Friday, June 18, 2010

Joined the Sketchbook Project

My goal is to write at least once a week on this blog and who knows what the subject will be. For my first, I want to announce that I have joined the Sketchbook Project thanks to the announcement by Lynn, whose blog keeps me inspired and often laughing. I have chosen the lines and grids subject matter with which to fill my blue book. It arrived yesterday, but it will be some time before I actually put anything into it. I have been mulling around about how to interpret this subject. The possibilities seem endless, so I am definitely in a quandary. My ultimate goal is to use this project to compose positive images of my city. I don't know if I will include fabric, a passion of mine, or stick to more paper and multimedia techniques. I can envision photos printed on fabric and enhancement with any number of techniques, perhaps some that fold out. i see photos on organza with an ethereal quality, perhaps ghostly images of new construction, not yet finished. More as I progress with this project.

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